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Book Addresses Healing For Survivors Of Abuse

January 13, 2012 A local team of psychotherapists, who offer counseling in their offices at 412 S. Clay Ave. in Kirkwood, have a new book on the anguish of abuse and how to address it. Read more: http://www.websterkirkwoodtimes.com/Articles-News-i-2012-01-13-178608.114137-Book-Addresses-Healing-For-Survivors-Of-Abuse.html#ixzz1jip6KX5e Advertisements

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Why the question mark?

There are tons of books with question marks in their titles. Are you there God? It’s Me Margaret and Who Moved My Cheese? are just a couple that come to mind. Most of the time, as a word nerd, I would frown on using … Continue reading

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