Android eReaders and Tablets vs. the Big Apple

I am an avid Apple fan.

That is why many of my friends were alarmed when I bought an Android tablet instead of an iPad.  Several have asked me to explain why, so I thought I should post my answer for all to hear/read.  If you are trying to figure out what the differences are, and which one is right for you, it all depends on what you want to do with it.  And, you might want to consider if you even need one at all, because I have found that a lot of folks don’t realize that a tablet isn’t just like a lil laptop.

Anyhoooo, here are my thoughts:

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1.  

First, think about this: what do you want to do with a tablet that you can’t already do with your laptop?  Many people don’t realize that a tablet doesn’t actually do everything a laptop can, but tablets ARE more mobile, smaller, and lighter in weight.  

I will oversimplify this, but here is my personal opinion if you do want a tablet:

Pros for Apple iPad tablets over Android tablets = it is more popular, it has more available apps, it has a bit longer battery life, more people around here use them, and it has more available accessories.  Apple is a marketing genius, so they have really made “iPad” synonymous with “tablet.”  In fact, many people don’t say “tablet,” they just say “iPad,” forgetting that not all tablets are iPads.  In many cases, people don’t really know that there is anything else out there because they haven’t researched it.  So many people use iPads, you will never lack for somebody to talk to about how to use it and what the latest gadget is.  Some of what I am about to say might not be true when the iPad 3 comes out later this year.

Pros for Android tablets over iPad tablets = technically better flexibility and quality, you can store some documents on the device (for an iPad, you have to store only in “the cloud”), they are more tech upgradable, the screen definition is a bit better, they weigh less, they are often much less expensive, they have USB connectors, they play well with others, and if you are a computer tech geek, you can do more app creation and have more technical flexibility. Many companies make Android tablets, which has produced some good competition.  You might sometimes feel like a second class citizen because not as many people have them, and you can’t as easily find accessories.  Check out this Asus tablet, which is probably my favorite on the market right now:  It has a keyboard and a full USB port, etc.  

I am an Apple fan in many ways.  I have Apple desktops, and couldn’t do the things I want to do on my desktop on a PC.  But, when it came to a tablet, I considered what I wanted to do with it.  I didn’t need hundreds of thousands of apps, and realized that the apps I needed were well covered in the tens of thousands of available Android apps.  I needed something that would help me manage email, browse, write and create some documents easily, and show powerpoint slides, and connect easily to my TV so I could watch Netflix since I got rid of cable at home.

If you ever had an iPod, you are familiar with iTunes, and know that music bought on iTunes can not be played on other mp3 devices.  They don’t play well with others in some ways.  The iPad is like that in many ways.

So, it kind of boils down to what you want your tablet for.  When I shopped for one, I listed out what I wanted it to be able to do, and realized that because so much of my mobile life has to do with Google, gmail, You Tube, and Google Voice, it made sense to have a Google based tablet, which the Android tablets are.  I simply couldn’t justify spending twice as much for something that didn’t actually do anything all that much better.  It is more popular, but not technically better.   Unless the Apple iPad 3 has Microsoft Office and a USB port, I will be sticking with my Samsung Galaxy for quite some time.  I love it.

Here are some articles that might help:

 Also know that when you look at Android tablets, they are not equal.  Kindle and Nook, for example, are Android based tablets, but they do not allow you to do the same kinds of things and do not have all of the same features and connectivity that a tablet like Samsung Galaxy or one from Asus would have.

Note: These are my personal opinions, and I am not a tech pro, so I could be wrong about some of the features, but this is what I have found.

Oh, and here is another article I found recently, after writing the above:


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