Inventing the Opportunities

In the 2010 movie “The Social Network,” one of the characters (based on a real-life Harvard grad) made a comment along the lines of “it is better to invent a job than to find a job.”  I will have to say that I have been thinking about that quote a lot lately, and … well, I agree … a lot.   In the first part of 2010, I decided to quit my corporate job, and jump into a world of unknowns.  I launched WordStream Publishing on a shoestring budget, and sought out — and found — some freelance opportunities along the way to stay afloat … barely.  (And, I should add, I have been very grateful for the generosity and support of family and friends who believed in me and the company by contributing time, energy, work, and sometimes dollars).  WordStream has published two print books and two ebooks so far, and is about to launch two more of each.  The dream is coming to life!  Sooo, I will have to say that sometimes — maybe often … or maybe most of the time — it really is true that inventing a job is better than finding one.  And, FYI, Because I have been making this up as I go along, some great opportunities and partnerships have come along, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it . . .


About WordStream Publishing

WordStream Publishing is an independent publisher with a focus on both print and digital formats. WordStream Publishing is committed to amplifying the voices of the most creative, inspiring, and progressive authors out there. We publish in a range of topics: memoir, contemplative life, peace and justice, spiritual disciplines, and historical fiction.
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