Author Meryl Runion on NPR

Here is what author Meryl Runion had to say today about her recent guest appearance on NPR – Hawaii …  “It’s conversations like the one I just had with NPR Public Radio Beth-Ann Kaozkovich on her Town Square show that will change how we talk about politics. It was a simple discussion between an articulate host, a political science professor and myself. There were callers too – simply sharing how they talk about politics.”

Following the awful events in Arizona on January 8, many radio stations and newspapers around the country have called Meryl to talk about the book How to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations.  Regardless of the fact that the shooter was not motivated by politics and was not sane or rational in any way, the events have gotten people to rethink and examine how we — all of us — talk about politics.  If you hear Meryl Runion and/or the book mentioned in your area, let us know!



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