When to Change the Book Cover

When we first decided to quickly publish Meryl Runion’s How to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations, we thought it would be fun and quirky to do a cover that brought to mind comedian Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity and nemesis Stephen Cobert’s March to Keep Fear Alive.  So, we did, and there on the front cover was author Meryl Runion, filtered to look somewhat like the hatch-print-ish images of the Stewart and Cobert rally posters.

I don’t want to make it fun and quirky anymore.  This book is no longer just about getting families to know how to sit down for turkey together.  January 8 elevated the seriousness of the topic.

NEW cover

On some level, I do think we all share the responsibility to learn how to be civil.  No, we aren’t all going to pick up guns, but we don’t need to target each other with mean, hurtful, hate-filled speech either.  We have to take our communication skills seriously.  So, we are taking this book more seriously too. Meryl Runion and the WordStream team have decided to change the cover image.  Beginning next week, copies of the book, including the copies being sent to US Congress members, will have a simple text-driven front cover.

– Marti Williams


About WordStream Publishing

WordStream Publishing is an independent publisher with a focus on both print and digital formats. WordStream Publishing is committed to amplifying the voices of the most creative, inspiring, and progressive authors out there. We publish in a range of topics: memoir, contemplative life, peace and justice, spiritual disciplines, and historical fiction.
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