Publishing…By Any Means Necessary!

IRAQ: Through the Eyes of an American Soldier was one of the first titles planned for the roll out of WordStream Publishing.   The book will launch in March 2011, and I am honored to have it on the list.

In the early months of WordStream developing this project, photographer Russell Lee Klika was still deployed in Iraq with the Tennessee National Guard 278.  Those early conversations were over Skype, sometimes at odd hours … with bad internet and phone connections.  Although other publishers had previously expressed interest in the project, it was hard for them to figure out the logistics of working with a photographer who was literally on the other side of the world and hard to reach.  But, I was determined, and believed in this project.  On many occasions I never knew where Klika’s assignments would take him in the next days and weeks, or when I would be able to talk to him again.

Why was WordStream willing to overcome the communication hardships?  Because the images in this book are stunning.  They provide a glimpse into the events and lives in Iraq that you don’t see on CNN or any of the other major media outlets.  When I first saw some of Klika’s images, I knew this was a book that needed to be published, images that needed to be seen, … a book that mattered.

Marketing consultant Hampton Ryan had the great idea to sit down with Klika and record him talking about some of the images. Here is a YouTube video featuring one of the images, with Klika giving the back story. Click here to see and listen:


About WordStream Publishing

WordStream Publishing is an independent publisher with a focus on both print and digital formats. WordStream Publishing is committed to amplifying the voices of the most creative, inspiring, and progressive authors out there. We publish in a range of topics: memoir, contemplative life, peace and justice, spiritual disciplines, and historical fiction.
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