A Partridge in a Pear Tree? … Maybe Not a Good Idea.

I just want to point out that you can find meaningful gifts in your local bookstore for less than $20 … and sometimes under $10!

I am not sure who took the time to figure this out, but I just read an article that said it would cost you $96,824 if you bought all of the items from The Twelve Days of Christmas.  [And, I am pretty sure it would cost more if you hire a cast member of the Partridge Family to sit in your pear tree, instead of a bird].  Just the one partridge and pear tree would set you back about $30, by the way.

But, for less than $20, you could make your true love pretty happy . . . and nobody would have to clean up after all of the swans, milk cows, and turtle doves.  Here is an article recommending some good books to buy as gifts:  http://bestsellers.about.com/od/readingrecommendations/ig/Best-Books-for-Christmas-Gifts/




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