Why e-Books?

E-books are expected — especially by companies like Amazon — to hit record sales this Christmas season.  If you haven’t quite latched onto digital e-readers, here are some thoughts:

1. It’s almost always cheaper to buy an e-book than its print equivalent.
2. You can download e-books from most libraries for free.
3. Fewer trees get cut down when someone publishes an e-book.
4. You can still get the print versions of your favorite books when/ if you want them on your shelf.
5. You can carry around a bunch o’ books, without the load killing your back.
6. You can easily adjust the font size on most e-book readers, if you prefer larger print.
7. Looking at an e-reader screen is not like looking at a lighted computer screen or TV; the pages really do look more like print on paper.
8. Most e-book stores allow the download of a single copy to up to 3 devices, so you can read the same e-book on your desktop, laptop, and/or e-reader … and switch back and forth when you want.
9. E-books are a great, new way to get people excited about reading books!


About WordStream Publishing

WordStream Publishing is an independent publisher with a focus on both print and digital formats. WordStream Publishing is committed to amplifying the voices of the most creative, inspiring, and progressive authors out there. We publish in a range of topics: memoir, contemplative life, peace and justice, spiritual disciplines, and historical fiction.
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